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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. stunned, all of this was being done on her behalf. >> tonight, sharon love opens up about her daughter, her mission to help others facing domestic violence. >> i'm really -- [inaudible]. >> do you know the signs to look for when it comes to violence? we have the tool to help you decide if it's time to reach out for help. >> and your weekend starts clear but there could be showers for part of it. details in the forecast. >> and update to breaking news tonight over the baltimore city police and firefighter pensions, a rule that could lead to major changes. that's on the news at 11. tonight we are hearing from sharon love. the mother of yardly love who was killed by her ex-boyfriend back in 2010. last month love's ex-boyfriend
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was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the murder. sharon is now devoted her life to getting the word out about domestic violence through the one love foundation. we talked to her about the loss of her daughter, the trial and what she is doing now. >> reporter: it's now been nearly two and a half years since the murder of yardly love in her apartment in virginia have. after going through the loss of her daughter and the trial of the man who killed her, for sharon working to make more people aware of the potential dangers is a labor of love. >> when i look at pictures now i love to see her pictures, it's bittersweet because i know there will be no more pictures coming. >> reporter: these are never before seen photographs of yardly, a girl who grew up loving lacrosse and dreaming of playing for the university of virginia cavaliers. she lived the dram and was just three weeks graduating when she
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was murdered. >> i'm sure there are other girls right now that feel the same way as we did, that -- had no idea that people were capablof this kind of evil. >> reporter: now she knows. now yardly's mother has embraced the role she has been thrown into. the role of activist. she is making a psa act the danger of domestic violence. >> i knew nothing about it until this happened to us. i wish we had more knowledge about it. >> reporter: yardly had been dating a man's lacrosse player but after several violent incident that were later documented in court she broke up with him. >> she didn't put up with anything. so, she left, she left him. that is why he did what he did i think. >> reporter: may second 2010 was a sunday. her ex-boyfriend spent nearly the entire day drinking and
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then around midnight went to yardly's apartment, kicked down the door and assaulted her, he took her computer and then left the room where she died. he was arrested later that morning. the trial lasted three weeks, every day pain. foror sharon. >> his appearance when we first saw him was different than what i knew him to look like. >> reporter: she believes his attorneys wanted to make the hulking lacrosse player look smaller. >> he had gone into a young boy again and he was presented that way in court. >> reporter: on purpose. >> i think so. he was -- his jacket was to big, his seat was lower than his attorney's seats. i think that was on purpose. >> reporter: the strategy was not successful. the jury convicted him of second degree murder. he spoke to the love family at his sentencing saying he was
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sorry and he hopes and prays they find peace. >> when he addressed us i think it would probably have been better had he just not said anything to us. >> reporter: sharon praised the prosecutor who broke down several times and then after the sentencing. >> all i see is loss. it'll be that way forever. you know it's such a rough thing of what -- we just wish it didn't happen. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 23 years with time served and good time credit he is likely to be out around the time he 40. >> what is enough? i don't know. nothing is enough. nothing will bring her back. i try to not go there, think about that. >> reporter: as this psa from the one love foundation points
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out research from the national institute shows that one in three women, one in three will be a victim of domestic violence in their life. sharon said that she can only wish she had known more about what to look for. >> maybe we were all to naive and didn't realize what was possible, what other people were capable of. i think that -- yardly saw the good in everybody and probably ignored the bad for long. that's a mistake. >> reporter: that's why the foundation has become more than just a fundraising group. it's smart phone app has just been released. it allows anyone to plug information into their smart phone about what is happening in their relationship or in their relationship of someone they care about and they can find if they should be worried. >> it'll give people the tool
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to assess that and move on from there. >> reporter: sharon isn't moving on. she can't. her little girl was taken but she can put all of her efforts in to keeping another family from having to go through what she did. >> i'm hoping her story will be a catalyst for others to look more closely at their relationship and do something about it. >> reporter: her sister is getting married next weekend so a happy and busy time for them but obviously emotional for them as well. >> despite that they are focused on the message. today the foundation released that psa. >> yeah. it's -- they are calling the be one for change program trying to further educate people on how to combat domestic violence. >> very powerful message. take a look. >> [inaudible].
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. one in three women are victims of relationship violence and it's often ignored by those who could help but don't. the one love foundation created an app to make it impossible to ignore. based on research undertaken at johns hopkins school of nursing it helps victims, friends and family assess and determine the threat. it's anonymous, free and can save lives. >> be one for change. join one love. >> that is a powerful message. it was done here locally. some parallels to the yardly love case itself if you watched it.
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a number of people could have stepped up but didn't in this case. the next step is to work on get that psa sent out more widely across the criminal. >> very strong lady. good work. now we posted that whole psa, on the website here at abc we he have a link to the one love foundation where you will about able to learn more about this cause and you can down load that mobile app and join the foundation. >> weather wise across maryland temperatures climbing into the low 70s. this was comfortable. little below average in kent. 75 denton, 75 buck town and similar temperatures on the western shore. tonight cooling off. 57 in hanover manchester and 50s in belaire and norrisville. it was a nice finish to the day, just a few more clouds but the sunset i pretty one and a new front out of the west. we will talk about how that could impact new to the
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weekend. in the meantime enjoy a nice look start to friday as we go ton air 80 tomorrow. more on the saturday, sun and beyond coming up. >> thank you. a judge rules on the side of police and firefighter when is it comes to protecting their pension. a united states district court judge found that the change in the pension system for them was not constitutional. the union has been fighting for about a year. it came down in 2010. they said that the city eliminated benefits, increases and put in cost of living adjustments based on age. today a judge determined that decision was not constitutional and violated the union members rights. >> we are very pleased withed decision because we knew back when the city made the changes to the pension system they were not constitutional so we are pleased the judge's decision because like i said contract is a contract. >> now we received the statement from the city tonight that said in part the city law
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department is carefully reviewing the ruling and reserves the right to appeal. the mayor remains committed to protecting the city financing and the sustainability of the system. one in four people living in baltimore city is in poverty. that means about 25% of the city makes less than $11,000 a  year for individuals, less than 23,000 for family of four. now it's higher for children. 37% live below the poverty line. that from the latest round of stats the cent sauce bureau. in northeast baltimore neighbors, community leaders and police took to the streets. they came out to remember peter, they came to send a message to the cowards, criminals trying to turn back the progress they have made. monday knight the doctor was killed while returning to his home around 10:30 after choir practice. police believe that he was an
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innocent victim, robbed, shot and left for dead. tonight neighbors wanted to send a message. >> that the people that do those senseless crimes, know we are fed up and enough is enough. >> they are determined to be visible. to let criminals now they aren't afraid and they will take to the streets again next week on thursday to watch the ravens on a big screen. a run away bus hit a bus shelter this morning injuring seven people at one of the busiest transportation hubs in the city. the bus hit the shelter so hard it was knocked forward shattering glass and twisting the frame. at the time the driver was not at the wheel. witnesses say that the driver was at the back of the bus when it started to roll forward. investigators working to determine what happened. >> we will talk to eyewitnesses and we will use whatever video evidence we
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have. our cameras have -- buses have cameras as is this facility and so we will look at all of that information to try to determine what happened. >> investigators say that the preliminary results suggests the crash was caused by driver error. all seven people that were hurt had nonlife threatening injuries. a man who falsely promised appearances by ravens players to schools plead guilty. he would offer players to schools but had no connection with the team. he would take the money and then claim the players couldn't make it. he plead guilty to one count of running a theft scheme. is a accused of scamming a number of other schools in other counties. gambling is expanding here the state is establishing a way to help addicts. a three year, 15 million-dollar grant from a state department
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of health. the money will go toward creating a center toward problem gambling. it'll train health officials to create a campaign and run a telephone help line service. you know we are all on the look out for mosquitoes this summer but do you know how to handle other bites? >> on my calf and i thought it was just like a bump you have. >> coming up, we are working for you with what you need to know to be worried about when it comes to spider bites. >> trying to get to sleep thinking about that. on the mobile front three apps, storm shield, the weather app and don't forget the news app has a outstanding weather pang. be sure to check it out. >> and a new public relations campaign in pakistan featuring the president and secretary of state. the message they want to get across.
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. james holmes the man accused of killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater was back in court today. this time without the red hair. prosecutors gave up their fight to see the notebook that holmes sent to a therapist. they said they didn't want to delay the case further. in court some of the victims families requested that the notebook be made public. holmes is charged with 142 counts including murder and attempted murder and today the judge accepted a request to add ten more counts of attempted murder. the united states is fighting pr campaign in pakistan. ads are running denouncing the anti islamic film that sparked protests. security forces trying to keep crowds of protesters from reaching the united states embassy. the united states government wants people to know that it
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doesn't support the film. the state department is spending about $70,000 on the ad, violence related to the film has left about 30 people dead in seven countries two years after the president ordered the surge in afghanistan the hat of the troops have left the country. officials say the withdrawal, there are 68,000 american forces left in the war zone. the number of united states forces in afghanistan peaked at about 101,000 last year. troops have been slowly leaving the country over the past several months. in the health alert students at carroll community college are left scratching their heads, it's that itchy paranoia after bed bugs were found. e-mail was sent out warning the 11,000 about the pests, administrators quash toned a classroom where it was found. . they are treating the problem. >> did find them in three
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different locations, in room 209 which is the nursing room that we were told about and in two other rooms we found some indications on furniture that we moved. >> a heat treatment will be done in the room tomorrow. heat was picked over pesticide due to safety concerns and it's supposed to be more effective at killing the bugs. baltimore ranks among the top 50 worst cities for bed bugs and we are working for you tonight. you may have them if you wake up itching in places that you didn't itch before you went to bed? you may see blood stains on the sheets and mattresses. best way to get rid of them to clean the fabric and hot water and dry them on hot heat. scrub the mattresses, with the brush, vacuum, if all else fails you may want to consider
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calling in someone. we told you about how the mild winter and early spring caused a mosquito boost now it's done the same for spiders. there are more of those creepy eight legged creatures invading the house and many of forced inside because of the hot dry summer and they are setting you up for potentially dangerous bites. how to recognize poisonous bites and how to treat them. >> stephanie got bit by a poisonous spider but didn't know it. >> i felt the bump on my chest and i thought it was just like a bump that you have. warm. >> reporter: when it got bigger red she went to the doctor. >> itchy. >> reporter: she was experiencing some of the classic symptoms of a poisonous spider bite. this species known for the mark on its back and the black
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widow, are the two types of spider that are dangerous to humans in the united states. fortunately the bites are rarely deadly. >> the factor between a pimple and spider bite is pus. pimples have pus, infections do. >> reporter: spider bites don't but the v enom can be dangerous. >> the superficial skin tissue -- it looks like a severe burn . >> reporter: a bite from either can cause fever and nausea. black widow brings on severe stomach pain. medications are available to treat both kinds of bites. stephanie is finally feeling better. >> you know what tonight is in its i-phone 5, tomorrow apple will release the i-phone 5 as the night turns in today its spreading around the world. people in australia already
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using the bigger, lighter, thinner phone with the new contract the phone could be yours for as little as $199. if you want one, you may want to head out after the newscast and get one. they open at eight and you will be waiting in line. >> now the forecast,. >> it's a clear, cool night. temperature of 58 degrees, dew point 55, that's dry, cool and the wind is calm right now. the sunset, getting earlyer at 7:06. weather today was like a picture. camera at the tidewater marina. out on the river. not bad, that sun and again a very, very nice finish. how will things shape up as we look at what's coming our way. the bottom line, we are down in the 50s out there. it'll be a sunny start to the
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weekend. radar clear, that will continue through midday saturday when we could start action on the radar. that's because of that storm circulating, it'll send a frontal boundary. the late storm will be a good bet. the upper 50s, the low 06's comfortable. 62 and across the area just a few passing clouds, quiet on the range. off to a fairly sunny start. coming up the coast, still a dry slot of weather across west virginia, western maryland. the new storm on the map is up here into the upper great lakes area. you can start to see that frontal boundary developing here, getting ready to blow in as we go to the latter part of the day. it's not generating much range but that could change toward the midpart of the weekend. into friday not bad. showers off shore, maybe a little rain in the mountains but here in the central part of the state, central maryland,
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conditions clear. as we go into saturday the storm system into the great lakes and trailing clear fronts, spark showers late saturday afternoon into sunday evening. good weather, breezy and cooler, this new circulation in the open atlantic waters, likely to be the next named storm. hurricane center putting about a 70% properrible of this -- should be keeping an eye. overnight tonight, 52, clear, cool, comfortable degrees. tomorrow we will push 80, partly to cloudy skies, still a slightly warmer area. then saturday -- saturday morning just past 9:00 a.m. chance for fall storms started off and sunday breezy but clearing, i think weather looks good for this -- that will be chilly but look at that across
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america. brook and harry, in to the meadowbrook pool. they had a good time. harry -- brook will be swimming for -- across america. gibson island. 62, that swim forecast. the water temperature at 65. it's chilly but when you are swimming hard it helps you. >> one mile or three miles. >> raising money for cancer research. >> much more coming up here. first bill weir with what you will see. >> bill. >> tary confinement. some say it's the way real monsters are made and our reporter spends 48 hours trying to stay sane while locked up alone. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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. or off tonight but still a game to be one here. look at jamie. showing off their o's pride. who do you think came up with the better cheer? you can find the full video of each of them on the website and vote for your favorite. >> think they are both good. >> i was going to say we have to stick with our guy. >> yeah. he is a good -- quite the cheerleader. was he on the cheerleading squad?
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quick check overnight and the outlook for the weekend not so bad. a cooler day on sunday verses saturday. you.
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with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you. . that is it for us tonight. >> have a good one. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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